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General Purpose Vehicle Maintenance Careers

By:Kris Koonar

General-purpose vehicles cater to the general functions of transport by meeting business or household transport requirements. The job options include garage mechanics, construction equipment mechanics and vehicle or tank repairers.

Responsibilities involved in general-purpose vehicle maintenance careers:

The maintenance of the vehicles is the prime duty of a general-purpose vehicle mechanic. Proper servicing of the vehicles is very important. All defects and malfunctions should be detected and repaired in time. This is critical to the use of military vehicles. Heavy military vehicles such as tanks, missile-launchers and military buses need regular servicing. Some of the duties of general-purpose vehicle mechanics are mentioned below:

- Mechanics carry out regular inspections of the general-purpose vehicles.

- They detect the problems in heavy vehicles such as tanks, buses, trucks, jeeps and other military and commercial vehicles. They analyze the problems through visual examinations and equipment tests.

- They are required to repair and maintain the parts and other vehicle equipment.

- They should be able to repair the defect detected.

- They are expected to replace the damaged parts, not functioning well. Major equipment of vehicle-body-parts, such as the brakes, fuel, steering and the suspension system should be replaced if need be.

- They should be able to reassemble the good or repaired parts and test and re-test their condition.

- They must work out on an appropriate maintenance schedule to check the working condition of the different vehicles.

- The mechanic is expected to conduct regular inspection of the vehicles. Surprise inspections should be carried out to counter any existing problem.

- They should ensure regular servicing of the vehicles.

- The mechanic should be able to draw inferences on the maintenance work carried out and keep a record. This serves as a guideline for the new staff and helps them to perform well.

- Mechanics are required to follow the safety instructions religiously, to avoid any mishap.

Working condition and eligibility:

Mechanics generally work inside large garages but at times they are required to work outdoors. Physically fit, men and women, generally take up careers in general-purpose vehicle maintenance. The special field of tank repairing is offered only to men.

The basic qualifications required for this field are the completion of high school, with some vocational courses in industrial arts or auto mechanics.

Generally, the training takes about 8 to 29 weeks of classroom teaching, with practical hands-on, on the job. Defense services provide apprenticeship programs for the selected candidates.

In the case of a general-purpose vehicle maintenance career, the candidate is required to clear a course in basic general-purpose vehicle maintenance. Training courses such as the Journeyman Apprentice AFSC 2T334 is compulsory.

Candidates must have mechanical aptitude. They are expected to be interested in automotive engines and their functioning. It is important for candidates to be prepared for physical and strenuous work.

Job prospects:

Generally, mechanics begin their career as equipment repairers and work under supervisors initially. The relevant experience and expertise in the field could ensure an appraisal to the post of supervisor or manager.

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