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Advice On Dealing With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By:Colin Pike

Carpal tunnel syndrome (or CTS for short) is a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed at the wrist. CTS is more common in women than it is in men, and has a peak incidence around the age of 50.

What is your job or profession? The work you do may damage your body and it does not matter if you know it or not. I am worried for my neighbor who works in the automotive business. In particular, he does physical work on cars. I would have never imagined the negative effect of it on his health. He told me that in the morning, he sometimes cannot even make a fist. Considering he is only 26 years old. He also takes paint fumes in his work which cause some damage to the brain and lungs over time. When he told about the loss of strength he suffers with in his hands, I immediately thought of carpal tunnel syndrome, I mean that pain one can get from repetitive actions. Typists are victims of it all the time. The question that arises is what offers carpal tunnel alleviation and is this pain preventable?

Nowadays, there are many options to relief that pain. I can say it because I am a writer and I type a lot of words per day. You may ask if I have it? Of course I have it. Usually my fingers and forearms are irritated, but not only that, also my vision get affected because of a long periods spent in front of the monitor. To save your vision you should sit back and not too near the monitor and use larger font. The correct posture is the cure for carpal tunnel pain, but my doctor says the best cure is to never get it in the first place. Although now I do not have carpal tunnel syndrome, I still get sore joints. People who have the syndrome or want to prevent it can use Arnica cream, a wonderful natural treatment very common in Germany. On nights I use it on my forearms and in the morning I never have sore joints.

Are you suffering because of this syndrome? If your answer is positive, you should consult a physician as quickly as possible as he may provide you with an arm brace and some oral or topical medication. Please, take care of this problem right now, do not wait for its complication.

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