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Top Mistakes That Men Make When Looking To Date Russian Women: Part Two

By:Rachel Rofe

There are many errors and oversights that a man can make when trying to court a Russian woman. It is only natural to slip up in the beginning; there are big cultural differences, and it is a foreign situation.

Keep messing up, though, and you will find that you are wasting a lot of both time and money.

These mistakes are in no particular order, and they are all of equal importance.

Top Mistakes That Men Make In Russian Dating: Part Two:

7. Projecting The Attitude That She Jumping At The Chance To Marry You. If you are attentive and kind, she may be interested. If you are rude and arrogant, she will not be. Do not act as if you are better than her. A Russian woman is not desperate. Besides that, why would you be interested in somebody who is only interested in you because she is in the pursuit of a better life, anyway?

8. Thinking That She Will Be Your Trophy Wife. Russian women are not docile creatures. They grew up in different conditions and have had to endure a lot. Many are very independent and strong, and have made a lot of hard decisions in the past. They have dealt with drunkard husbands and boyfriends who refuse to make family life easy, or who do not think twice in finding a mistress. It is almost impossible to control a Russian woman, so do not try.

9. You Are Not Serious. Generally, women will wait 4-6 months for you to decide that you are coming to visit her. If you do not come to the FSU (Former Soviet Union) in a few months after that, she will move on to somebody who she does deem as serious. Generally, 8-10 months is the absolute longest time that a woman will write to you before she gives up. It is important for you to get there because she cannot ever her visa if you do not come, and she needs to make sure that you two are able to click in person as well. Make sure that you are ready emotionally, financially, and physically.

10. There Is A Large Age Gap Between You And Her. Sure, some men have success when there is a 20-year or more age difference. Some men also win the lottery. Granted, Russian women do grow up a lot quicker than their western counterparts, so a 10-15 year age difference may very well work. Anything more than 20 years is pushing it, though. You will likely not have as much in common and the activities that you would want to do would probably be different as well.

11. You Are Not Consistent. If you are not regular and reliable when writing her letters, she will likely want to cut communications with you. If you tell her that you want to visit her, but then have a change of heart, and then re-change your mind, again, she will likely stop talking to you. Many of these women are serious and do not want to waste their time.

12. Your Introduction Letter Does Not Grab Her Attention. There is a lot to be said on this topic, but for now, a quick rundown. Russian women do not want pen pals, first of all, so you need to make sure that you explain your intent. Letters with photos have staggeringly better response rates, so make sure that you include one in your first letter. You can also ask for a response, even if she is not interested. She just may write back. Another good idea is to have your letters translated. Despite how good her English may be, there are huge chances of miscommunications. If you get your letter translated, she will be able to understand the entire thing, would be grateful, and would most likely respond to you.

13. You Do Not See Your Relationship As Being An Equal Partnership. Much like with all women, Russian women want and need to be treated with respect. If you are not willing to view your relationship as a partnership, then you should consider remaining single. To reiterate #7, these women are not desperate, and will not run to marry you just because you are from America.

14. Not Taking This Article Seriously. Russian women are very reserved about their feelings; do not just assume that everything is okay because she is not telling you otherwise.

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Rachel Rofe is an asssitant to Olga Lebekov. Olga Lebekov is a Russian woman who coaches men on how to have successful partnerships with Russian women. Learn more about how to be successful by visiting Russian Success.Com.

There are message boards, reviews, articles, and much more on Russian Success.Com.

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