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Picking The Right Keywords

By:jennie crawford

Keywords are incredibly important for internet marketers. The right keywords make the difference between a profitable campaign and a campaign that loses money. If you are new to internet affiliate marketing, you may not yet realize the importance of keywords.

First, let me explain what a keyword is. A keyword is what a user types into a search engine when they want information about a certain subject. For example, a person who has just purchased a golden retriever puppy may need information about house training. They would then type house training into a search engine and sort through the results. The importance of keywords stems from the fact that people type different words into the search engine when they are looking for the same information. For example, one person might type house training puppy while another types housebreaking puppy. Two different words with essentially the same meaning.

If you are trying to sell a product as an affiliate marketer, you know that finding the relevant keywords for your particular product is what will make or break your campaign. The best keywords are not always the most common because the most common will have the most competition and that will make them the most expensive. They are also usually the most general which also makes them somewhat untargeted.

If you type house training a puppy into a search engine you will get much more specific results then if you simply type house training. So the keywords house training a puppy will bring you much more targeted traffic and this will make your campaign much more profitable.

Whenever someone clicks on your ad is pay per click advertising, you pay a price for that click. That process is determined by many different factors including the individuals own advertising Quality Score.

A quality score is used by google. They take into consideration many different factors which are not fully known. One of the factors which is known os the click through rate. This is the amount of times your ad is clicked on per times it is shown. The higher our CTR, the better your quality score because it means people are finding your ad relevant to what they are searching for. Making your ads relevant to your keywords is very important. It will save you wasted clicks on people who do not really want what you are selling and raise your quality score through google which will lower your advertising costs.

Picking the right keywords and making your ads relevant to those keywords is probably the most important thing in affiliate marketing is you wish to be successful. It will keep your costs down and your profits high because you will have targeted traffic that is clicking on your ads. Targeted traffic is much more likely to buy what you are promoting then untargeted traffic.

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