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Realities Of Real Estate

By:Johnny Jenkins

Gloria and Don are thriving real estate agents. They work with one of the biggest firms in the midwest. They are members of the exclusive million dollar club. A privilege granted to the best agents in the company. Only agents who sell over a million dollars worth of real estate on an annual basis are in this club. It was difficult to achieve. They knew that hard work had gotten them there and would keep them there.

They routinely setup appointments with customers to show properties. The properties they sell are in good and bad neighborhoods. They are particularly proud of the new housing development that listed with them. These houses were in the $200,000 dollar range and the commissions would be handsome.

One day they got a call form a prospect who described the type of house he was looking for, and it fit the new development perfectly. The played it cool an told the man there are some new houses, but he would have to hurry because they are selling fast. The Man sounded very excited and wanted to setup a showing.

They decided Gloria would show the house, since she was falling a bit behind on her annual quota. She would meet the man in the house at 11:00 AM the next day. She was sure she had a sale. She did her due dillegence based on the information he provided. The man even provided a photograph of himself the day before.

Everything was a go and she was ready to show the house the next day. She met the man at the house. Everything was going well. The guy seemed to like the house and asked the price. She told him and they began to negotiate. He looked at her, and said you know your are a very good looking woman. Gloria thought the comment was not appropriate but kept on with the sales pitch.

As she turned around to show the kitchen the man grabbed her, and said if you scream you will die. She could not see a weapon but she knew she was in trouble. She decided to fight, she stomped the mans foot with her pointed heel, and began to run. As she was exiting the house, Don showed up she jump in his car and told him to drive. She told him what happened they called police.

When the police arrived the man was gone. It turns out the man was using a recently deceased mans identification. He was never caught. From then on Gloria and Don truly worked as a couple showing houses. She would never show without him. She showed the house and he acted as extra security.

Real estate agents work long hours to become the best in their profession. They are particularly vulnerable to crime because they do not really know the people they are selling to. They setup meetings with strangers, with nothing more than the information they choose to give them.

Agents have been assaulted robbed, raped and even murdered at house showings. Safety and self defense applies to all professions, but especially in the realestate business. At times real estate agents frequent parts of town that require extra precaution. They have to go where the sale takes them. There is some thing real estate agents can do to make their job safer.

Above all get as much information as you can on the individual before you decide to setup a meeting. A refusal to give information can signify that the person has something to hide. Have the individual meet you at the office before you show a home. You can then decide whether they are legitimate. Once you decide to show the house be aware of subtle clues that mean trouble.

Although not always the case, a married guy that wants to see a house alone might indicate a problem. Showing houses at night is a sure way to get trouble. Be aware of people who only want a showing at night. Avoid night showing when possible. When you go to show a home let someone in the office know where you are going. Give them a phone number to contact you. A cell phone is a must for a real estate agent. Have a self defense strategy in mind in case you need to act quickly.

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