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1). Frequently Asked Questions About Consulting  By : Heather Colman
Below are the most common questions asked in regards to consulting.

2). The High Costs Of Anger In The Workplace  By : Tony Fiore
Leroy was a superstar in the Real Estate business, producing three times the monthly business of his nearest coworker. But he was so angry that he hit his boss.

3). Advertising to Avoid Home Business Failure  By : Jim Mack
Operating a home-based business can bring about various challenges. Success or failure can be directly affected by advertising strategies, techniques, and approaches.

4). How to Reverse a Declining Home Business  By : Jim Mack
Owning and operating a home business can be both rewarding and exciting especially when all of the hard work, efforts, time and money invested begin to payoff.

5). Home Business Success Strategies Are A Must  By : Jim Mack
Although there are more and more people that are striving for owning and running their own home based business, very few of them are finding the success that they need because they simply do not have the right strategies in place to help that to happen.

6). How to Accept Credit Cards without Fear of Chargebacks  By : Jeffrey Solochek
A lot of merchants are losing potential sales because they simply will not accept any credit cards mainly because of the fear of charge backs. If certain steps are taken the possibility of charge backs are eliminated. A lot of this can be learned by reading the terms and conditions of any merchant agreement as well as the terms and conditions for the individual cards.

7). Home Business Marketing: Getting Your Foot In The Door  By : Jim Mack
As a home business professional and someone who does very well at it. Marketing is the key. Just do it is more than a phrase. It is what you need to do.

8). Smart Business - Avoid Conflict of Interest  By : Jim Smith
In depth review of what conflict of interest is and the complications it produces as well as techniques to avoid problems in business.

9). What Is The Best Way To Backup Data?  By : Christine Harrell
Although businesses realize the severe loss associated with losing their data, a surprising majority still aren’t backing up. Most people have good intentions of implementing some sort of backup service, but aren’t entirely sure where to begin.

10). Only Time Will ‘Sell’  By : Bob Corcoran
Top Dollar-Producing Activities for REALTORS

11). Bring Home the Bacon: The Shocking Truth about Making Money from Home  By : Daegan Smith
Work and Home are two different places with distinct activities happening over the course of the entire day. Most adults in the society spend most of their day at the office to do work. Towards the end of the day, they head for home and are with the family and not do work.

12). The Most Important Secret of Making More Money Easily  By : Daegan Smith
There are things we crave for and we try our hardest in order to get those things.

13). The Secret to Uncovering No Risk Home Business Profits!  By : Daegan Smith
All business type including Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) has a certain thing that the management often neglects. And it is quite annoying to know that RISK is being missed in the business plan.

14). Make It to the TOP  By : Daegan Smith
Are you ready? Ready for what? you may ask. You regularly attend to your obligations. You do your household chores. You do this to get by and fulfill your daily needs.

15). Top 7 Ways To Generate Long Term Wealth  By : Daegan Smith
The biggest fear of any person who is considering his or her future is the possibility that they might enter their twilight years without any financial security. When one is of advanced age, they begin to fear loss of income due to the fact that chances for employment become scarcer.

16). The Secrets of Highly Effective Networking  By : Daegan Smith
We have come to observe the enormous growth of the network marketing industry. It is manifested from the billions of people who have participated in it, to the billions of dollars’ worth of goods and services that have been sold through it and by it.

17). Effective Public Speaking  By : jim mack
Everyone has fears. Some it is spiders, some it is snakes. Others it is public speaking. These tips will keep you polished and able to speak effectively in public.

18). I Only Know Enough to Sell It!  By : John Stanley
Successful retailers realize you have to have passion for the product and the consumer. In today’s retail environment you would think everyone would be chasing that elusive dollar. But, that is not the case and this should be an opportunity for anyone who wants to grow their business.

19). Libraries - The Third Place or no Place in the Community  By : John Stanley
Libraries around the world have either changed rapidly over recent years or in many consumers minds have stagnated. What is the role of the library in today’s consumers mind and how does the library meet the needs and wants of today’s consumer?

20). How To Create Your Own Products To Sell On The Internet  By : Khemal Dole
Tips on how to create your own products and and sell them on the internet. These tips will make it easy and simple.

21). Make Your Technology Work For You, Not Against You  By : Maria Andreu
Simple technology precautions for the self employed

22). Business Consulting and the Small Market  By : James Hunt
Many small businesses spend their short lifetimes, struggling and floundering, before they finally go belly up. While the average person tends to...

23). How to Optimize and Build Value in Your Company for a Planned & Successful Exit  By : Grover Rutter
Baby boom business owners have, by and large, been successful business operators. But will they be successful business sellers? This article provides some golden advice to "sales-minded" business owners.

24). Generation X – The Changers of the Retail Scene  By : John Stanley
The 25 to 35 year olds are changing how retail business is carried out. Already more money is spent on viral marketing using the web, than on cinema, TV and billboard advertising put together. Fosters in Australia recently launched a new commercial on the web prior to TV and this commercial was downloaded 1.5 million times in the first week alone. Generation X is looking for a new way to be sold to.

25). Planograms – It’s Not Just for the Big Guys  By : John Stanley
A planogram is a visual representation of what a category should look like to maximise sales. It should include all the products and shelving and provide the optimum layout of the category to maximise sales.

26). How To Walk The Floor And Talk To Customers  By : John Stanley
Your role is take that of a maitre d’hotel. You should meet your guests (customers), welcome them and ensure they leave with a positive feeling about your business. You should set aside at least one hour a day to walk the store and talk to customers.

27). Soaring To New Heights Can Require A Push  By : Bob Corcoran
If you’ve been looking over the edge and thinking about ways to reach top-producer heights, you might consider a business coach

28). The Power of the Fax  By : Tom Perkins
In July 2005, another curious law went into effect. This one, called the Junk Fax Prevention Act of 2005 (JFPA) has several surprises for business owners in terms of sending routine faxes to their customers. This new law just doesn’t impact the sending of what we would think of as “junk” faxes. It addresses several other areas that will impact how you do business via fax.

29). Marketing: What You Really Need Vs. What You Think You Want  By : Maria Andreu
What you think you need to market your service business may not really be helping you. Find out the one ingredient without which all your marketing will fail.

30). The Future – Retailers With No Product  By : John Stanley
Stores without products how would they survive, but this is 2006 and anything goes.

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