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1). Expats Call Overseas for Less  By : Brian Hawkins
Going Overseas? Plan for your expat work abroad with great tips to help connect to friends and family from around the world with discount expat calling card providers.

2). Make 40 Points or More  By : Jeffrey Solochek
I got into the computer industry back in the days when we used to make $1,000 profit on a new 286 computer system. A few years later when I started dealing in computer software I doubled my money at a minimum wholesale. When a product is first introduced in the marketplace profit margins are very good. Profits decrease when too many people start dealing with it.

3). How to Start Your Own Import Export Business  By : ian Williamson
The following article aims to assist would-be businessmen and beginners who intend to promote and sell their products or procure their stock in trade, capital assets, to or from the international market, respectively.

4). Shipping Is Big Industry World-wide  By : David Arnold Livingston
There are various sea vessels involved in shipping. It may include box boats or container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, ferries, cable layers, dredgers and barges.


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