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1). eBay Scams To Watch Out For!  By : M. D. Robinson
There are many eBay scams out there to keep an eye out for when you are selling on eBay. This article will cover a few of the known and not so known scams to be aware of.

2). When And How To Sell Your Home Business  By : james lowe
When it is time to move on, just how do you do it

3). Stop Selling To Increase Your Sales  By : Karen Singer
How to market yourself, your home based business and increase sales.

4). Are Point Of Sale Systems Worthwhile  By : MITCHELL HAMPSON
The vigorous entrepreneur is thriving and kicking in the US as numerous folks are drawing on their expertise and enthusiasm, and sinking their hands into their nest egg, as they decide to venture into the world of small business.

5). How Do You Come Across In Sales?  By : Ray Turnbull
It is very important when you are in any sales situation that you present yourself in a way that creates excitement, sincerity and believability.

6). Do You Have The Right Confidence To Make The Sale?  By : Ray Turnbull
But be aware of the fools sense of confidence which plagues most salesmen, and that is the confidence which is based totally on bravado.

7). A Glimpse At How To Make Money On The Net  By : Obinna Heche
The old door-to-door salesman normally sold just one or maybe two products. Even the fuller brush man had a limited product line with all items related to cleaning or grooming.

8). How Thinking Outside the Box Explodes Your Sales  By : Daegan Smith
Have you ever believed when somebody told you that in order to succeed you must think outside the box? What is that box in the first place? What does it mean to think outside the box?

9). How to Generate New Sales Leads for Your Business  By : Sarah Deak
Before landing that big sale, a business must first generate high quality leads. However, lead generation is a tricky procedure that requires research and one of the most precious business assets: time.

10). Loan Officer Marketing Ideas Learned From Cooking Popcorn  By : Joe Pahl
This is an informative article about important marketing ideas loan officer can learn from cooking popcorn.

11). Loan Officer Success - Making Mega Bucks With Mortgage Leads  By : Joe Pahl
An informative article on how loan officer can maximize their sales using mortgage leads.

12). Blogging Strategies for Loan Officers and Originators  By : Joe Pahl
An informative article on how loan officers can use blogs to market their services.

13). Loan Officers: Using Word of Mouth Marketing To Generate Leads  By : Joe Pahl
An informative article how how loan officers can effectively use word of mouth marketing to find business.

14). Tips on How To Be a Likeable Loan Officer  By : Joe Pahl
A brief article on the importance of being a likeable loan officer.

15). Increase the Cash Value of your Patients  By : Helmut Flasch
This topic is all about servicing the patients which you did get to the fullest so that they get all the services they need and you get the all money you deserve.

16). Tips for Better Sales  By : Daegan Smith
Many people enter the sales business because it is the best way to earn money. You can profit higher especially when you know how to sell.

17). Does Cold Calling Really Work?: Three Ways to Know the Truth  By : Daegan Smith
In this world of odds and ends, people know that they always have a choice. Whatever decisions they make, its consequences are their responsibilities.

18). Sell your Way to Good Life  By : Daegan Smith
As the old adage goes, ìLife is like a market where everything comes with a price.î

19). The Secret to Making Your Sales Copy Do All of the Selling For You  By : Daegan Smith
Sales are such complex and multi-faceted areas of the economic industry that many people find hard to understand. In fact, there are many people, who are afraid of the concept of sales.

20). Change Your Mindset and Thrive in Your Business This Year  By : Bob Corcoran
Take a look at how you approach prospective clients with your demeanor, your marketing and your attitude

21). Harnessing Your Inner Used Car Salesman  By : Dana Wallert
The highest achievers in sales often are those who have mastered tight rope walking. Now, of course, I don’t mean literally tight rope walking! However, the best salespeople are those who can reach the perfect balance between empathy and genuine interest in the customer and having that killer instinct.

22). The Sales Training Series: Dealing With Sales Objections and Stalls  By : Duane Sparks
Most salespeople think of “stalls” and “objections” as synonyms. Wrong. Stalls and objections are both things you may hear after you have asked for commitment, but an objection is a specific reason not to buy. In a stall—“I need to think about it”—the customer offers no particular reason for hesitating.

23). Ancillary Services don’t have to be a Hazard on the Road to Riches  By : Bob Corcoran
How REALTORS® can promote ancillary services to the general public and systems REALTORS must set up to properly provide and promote these additional services, as well as integrate into their current realty services.

24). Sales and Neurological Levels  By : Patrick Porter
You will learn how to use the neurological level model to organize your sales presentation. Helping you to understand what is happening when you are in or out of rapport and how to close the sale.

25). Double Your Business Results Using The Penny Model  By : Leanne Hoagland-Smith
What does a penny and doubling your business have in common? A lot if you understand how by simply doubling your activity can exponentially increase your business. Maybe it’s time to start saving those pennies and begin turning them into nickels, dimes and dollars.

26). Understanding Body Language: An Effective Sales Tool  By : Tom Perkins
There is no question that people can speak volumes without uttering a single word. Non-verbal communication, including body language, can be a powerful sales tool if one is able to understand its signals. However, when you realize that the human body can perform over 700,000 unique movements, the idea of comprehending all those signals would seem like an unrealistic endeavor. Do not despair because just having a rudimentary knowledge of some basic signals and gestures could greatly improve your ability to sell.

27). 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Sales Success Potential  By : Greg Beverly
The "90/10 Potential Theory" suggests that we reach only 10 percent of our true potential. Use these 4 keys today to double, triple, or even quadruple your sales results.

28). Employers Keep Screening Out Great Sales Candidates  By : Robert Cameron
Companies hiring sales reps stick to the same old hiring practices, and hire low performers that turn over, while screening out some of the best candidates. Robert Cameron examines two hiring myths and shows you how to easily select sales people who can sell.

29). The Sales Training Series: Selling With TFBRs  By : Duane Sparks
You have asked great questions and uncovered important customer needs that your offerings can address. Know what you’re going to do now? If you’re like most salespeople, you’re going to lose all of the momentum you’ve built and maybe the sale, by launching a boring, standardized product feature presentation. People don’t buy product features. They buy solutions to their own needs.

30). Sell Anyone Anything  By : Randy Siegel
Who we are speaks much louder than what we have to say, for what really sells people on anything is the authenticity of the presenter. Audiences are attracted to authenticity. The more comfortable we are, the more compelling we become. This article examines how being real can help us sell anything to anyone.

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