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1). Thief Runs Patron Down  By : Johnny Jenkins
Dorothy fit the criteria, so he followed her out of the store into the parking lot. She did everything perfectly, she would be a good victim.

2). It Is Not Too Early To Start Planning Your Christmas Shopping  By : Gregg Hall
As we enter into another holiday season now is the best time to plan out gifts for family and friends. A person can generally tell when you have spent time searching for the perfect gift as opposed to stopping by your local department store and grabbing the first gift you see.

3). Womens Magazines Updated for Todays Woman  By : Lisa James
Facing declining sales, todays womens magazine need to update their publications to keep in touch with the tastes and interests of todays woman.

4). Is That A Fake Diamond On Your Hand Madam?  By : Allen Jesson
With the technological advances of today it is just about impossible to tell a fake diamond just from looking at it.

5). Fashion Styles For All Tastes From The Same Clothing Companies  By : Ken Snow
Fashion today is all pervasive and try as you might you cannot avoid it. Whether you live in the United States or Switzerland or Timbuktu, fashion will find you in some way or the other and have a say in your life.

6). 5 Things To Look For In A Travel Reward Credit Card  By : John Morris
Tightly secured in an individuals cardholder or wallet, credit cards seem to have replaced cash whenever it comes to shopping. With credit cards, people will never have to worry carrying big amount of money whenever they go shopping...

7). Melbourne Florist Advises On Care Of Fresh Flowers  By : Kerry Plowright
Melbourne Florists chief florist Francine Rizza says that it is important to purchase your fresh flowers from a florist who stores their flowers within their store and not on the street.

8). Get A Unique Theme For Your Baby Room  By : George Wood
To make sure that your babys room is done up in style you can go for some great baby bedding and furniture. Once you have a theme for the room you can match it with the bedding and furniture. However you should always keep it simple. Never try to go overboard with these things.

9). Electric Generator and Power Generator Safety Tips  By : Melih Oztalay
When buying a diesel generator make a list of the lights and equipment that will be running off the generator. Total the wattage requirements to determine the capacity of the generator.

10). Buying Replica Watches  By : George Wood
Many Replica watches look similar enough to Brand models that their differences can be mistaken as signs of a fake. Is there anyone who has not heard of Cartier, Rolex, Omega and Piaget or for that matter Eco-drive? Well, it would really be amazing if you answer YES to this.

11). Buying Your Tuxedo Formal Wear  By : Melih Oztalay
Very few men actually own a tuxedo and there is a misconception that you need to rent tuxedo formal wear instead of buying.

12). Prepaid International Military Phone Cards  By : Brian Hawkins
Learn the best ways to stay in touch with prepaid International military phone cards. Our International force has alot to protect and we should be helping our soldiers with discount prepaid International military phone card rates.

13). Different Gifts Ideas  By : Ken Snow
A gift symbolizes the fact that you value the other person.

14). How To Choose the Right Biking Sunglasses  By : Byran Kempa
Biking sunglasses are great for the serious cyclist and the casual cyclist. When buying biking sunglasses you are investing in great eyewear that should look good, as well as cut down on road glare and help you enjoy cycling on even the brightest of days.

15). China Cups and Country  By : Steve Thomas
The history associated with China is rich and filled with knowledge. China is home to almost 1.5 billion people.

16). Mother Daughter Matching Clothes - The New Style  By : Dave Poon
What a great way it is to bond for a mother and a daughter through matching clothes. Matching clothes can be a lot of fun whether you dot it during birthday parties, costume parties, formal gatherings, special occasions like Christmas and wedding, or even during casual occasions.

17). Great Tips For Choosing Fashion Magazines  By : Lisa James
Todays woman wants to stay abreast of the fashion trends with the help of the leading fashion magazines. Great tips for choosing the right fashion magazine for your tastes.

18). Should You Rent or Buy a Satellite Phone?  By : Rex Strong
Debates the main issues in whether or not you should buy your next satellite phone or just rent one.

19). Ancient Rome Remains - Roman Shoes  By : Barney Garcia
Ancient Rome remains one of the most fascinating and interesting cultures to date. Still studied by thousands of scholars all over the world, there are still many facets of the ancient society that remain a mystery. One of the many areas of study is the type of clothes these people wore, including what they wore on their feet.

20). Black Is Still In For the Winter Of 2006  By : Gregg Hall
Black is back and bigger than ever and are appearing a darker and more elegant versions of the spring and summer fashion styles. Thicker fabrics abound with wool replacing gauze and sleeveless fashions becoming full blouses.

21). Formal Dresses – So Many Choices for that Formal Event!  By : Stephen Todd
The perfect dress could set off your presence at an event just as strongly as an inappropriate dress choice could put a damper on the festivities.

22). New Baby Gift Basket Ideas  By : Charles Kassotis
Design or order a baby gift basket when a new little one comes into the world.

23). Birthstone Jewelry Makes a Great Gift  By : Amber Lowery
If there is such a thing as a gift you cant go wrong with, birthstone jewelry would probably be it. Birthstone jewelry makes a personal, thoughtful and reasonable priced gift suitable for women, young and old.

24). Finding Plus Size Clothing  By : James Hunt
For the woman of slightly larger build, it can be frustrating to find clothing that fulfills needs. Plus size clothing sections in department stores...

25). Buying Safest Chainsaws in the Market  By : James Hunt
People use chainsaws everyday and never once consider the safety hazards that are associated with them. The littlest mistake while using a chainsaw can prove to be...

26). Cheap Appliance Parts Stores  By : James Hunt
Just think of all the appliances that you have in your home. These are appliances for the kitchen, the bathroom, bedroom and living room

27). How Diamonds Are Weighed And Classified For Clarity  By : Gregg Hall
Beware when shopping for diamonds that are already set or mounted. If more than one diamond is used in the piece, the tag on the jewelry will give the CTW or Carat Total Weight – it does not tell you the carat weight of each stone in the piece.

28). Buying Wedding Gifts that Bring Smile on Faces of Bride and Groom  By : James Hunt
A wedding celebration is one of the finest celebrations that any one can experience. If you’re invited to a wedding you’ll want to arrive with a wedding gift that is sure to bring a smile to the face of the bride and groom...

29). Buying New and Exciting Women’s Shoes  By : James Hunt
If you’re like every other woman out there you love shoes! Most of us can’t walk by stores that sell women’s shoes without wandering inside to see what’s new on the shelves...

30). Why the Plus Size Clothing Market is Now Big Business  By : Stephen Todd
In the past, the choices regarding clothing made for plus size individuals was limited. The demand for a better selection increased with the unfortunate rise in overweight or obese individuals across the world.

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