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1). How To Get Your Kids Interested In Genealogy  By : Heather Colman
In the United States today, genealogy is rapidly becoming an interest for many families. Genealogy and ancestry sites are popping up everyday.

2). There Are Many Sources Are Available For Genealogy Research  By : Jerry Cahill
It used to be you had to travel to do serious genealogy research. Now the internet offers so many research resources right from your computer.

3). How to Search American Census Records  By : Paul Duxbury
Census records may be the single most utilized search tool online for family tree research. From 1930 back to the founding of the country, the records of every census are available online. By using census records you may be able to trace your family tree back to when your ancestors first came to America.

4). Discovering Your Family Tree  By : Paul Duxbury
Discovering your Family Tree is becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies as more and more of us are inspired to trace our Family Trees.

5). Avoid The Frustration of Chasing The Wrong Family!  By : Paul Duxbury
I bet I know the answer to what those who are actively involved in discovering their family tree, which is otherwise known as genealogy, find most frustrating!

6). Getting Your Own Genealogy  By : Jessica Deets
Genealogy research can open up beautiful love stories, war heroes, family traditions, and rich histories from foreign lands. Maybe you’ll find you’re related to a famous person. Maybe your family has a rich historical or religious background. A written family history is a gift you can pass to your children and grandchildren.

7). Using Computer Software to Streamline Your Genealogy Research  By : Paul Duxbury
Computer software can make your family tree research a breeze, relatively speaking – pun intended, of course.


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