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1). What To Expect When Renting Your First Apartment  By :
Renting your first apartment is a big step, find out how to locate a great place as well as what to look out for. Learn the pitfalls of rental agreements and landlords.

2). How to Live in One of The Most Expensive Cities in The World For Less Than 1000 a Month?  By :
Living in a boat is much cheaper. Make you understand the associated expenses,issues to do with mooring rights and maintenence/safety inspections. Carry out due dilligence work in advance of your purchase and you will enjoy your river life.

3). Workflow automation in the leasing industry creates efficiencies  By : Alex Snyder
Lease management software provider Odessa Technologies contends that automated workflow processing accelerates lease processing times, effectively manages related processes, and optimizes workforce efficiencies in any decision making environment. Any workflow process, whether it be for the decision on lease applications or vendor payments (check re...

4). Internet Based Lease Accounting Software: Creating Operational Effeciency While Crunching Numbers  By : Madhu Natarajan
The leasing industry is yet to significantly harness the powers of the Internet. Despite the hype, the web enabling of the leasing process has been sporadic at best. While the industry has already taken to the Internet's obvious convenience for credit scoring and front-end application processing, a larger and perhaps a more significant impact on pr...

5). Everything You Need To Know About Construction Equipment Leasing...And How To Get It!  By : Con Quimper
As a decision-maker in the construction industry, weighing all equipment acquisition options is a critical aspect of the job - especially given today's fluid marketplace. With construction equipment leasing you don't have to worry about the overhead of the purchase while keeping your cash accessible. No matter how big or small your pr...

6). Ready to Sign that Lease Agreement?  By : Adam Smith
Is Signing that Lease Agreement Right for You? The real estate market is booming across the United States, especially in select areas of California as well as Las Vegas. Even the sleepy town of Boise, Idaho is experiencing record breaking primary residential development. Where ever you happen to live, you have probably noticed i...

7). Leasing Is Often Better Than Buying  By : Joel Noah
Leasing refers to an owner, or lessor, selling use of his property (equipment, automobile, home, or business) to a lessee. For many individuals, leasing is a good alternative to buying because leasing requires less equity and, therefore, more people have the qualifications to lease than to buy. For example, a $1 million piece of property may be too...

8). Top Mistakes with Equipment Leasing  By : Heather Long
When negotiating on equipment leasing contracts, small business and corporate accounts should review all the legal terms in order to avoid the top mistakes associated with leasing equipment. These rules are applicable in multiple areas of equipment leasing from educational, computer and engineering equipment leases. Mistakes to Be Avo...

9). With A Lease, The Devil Is In The Details  By : Tim Knox
In the last article we looked at a few of the things you should consider before leasing that first office or storefront for your business. To recap, you should not only consider the old standard "location, location, location," but also consider things like sufficient parking, the number of employees who will be working onsite, and future growth pro...

10). The issue of car finance  By : Amelie Mag
When buying a new car, a common issue is the way people pay for it. Most use car finance to pay for their vehicles. If you want to make the best deal, you will have to understand car finance and the intricacies of its processes. When buying a vehicle there are a couple of aspects people think about: whether their future car will be a n...

11). Lease Option Technique  By : Dr. Drew Henry
Why do people sell properties using lease options? There is a reason that some of the most successful real estate investors use the lease option technique. No Down Payment: I know what you're thinking, "I would never offer such a thing!" You don't have to. As a real estate investor rich in tools to find motivated sellers, you could get...

12). Leasing Equipment Versus Buying  By : David Springer
Short on cash, but need equipment? Consider leasing what you need. Leasing equipment may be a better alternative to buying, depending on your situation and needs. Today, leasing is common practice in business. Over the past two years, equipment leasing has risen approximately 20 percent, according to recent research by the U.S. Small B...

13). Benefits of Leasing Equipment  By : Heather Long
Leasing equipment provides the lessee with all the following benefits of utilizing the equipment without having to pay the up-front costs or assuming the risk of ownership. A lease is one of the best ways for businesses to stay on top of the development curve. With so many new developments that occur (particularly in the technology areas) equipment...

14). Car Leasing Basics  By : Robert Thatcher
Over the past few years, the popularity of car leasing has soared. When you compare leasing with buying a car and suffering the humongous monthly installment fees, leasing provides a better and more viable financial option. For auto leasing, you need to know the tricks of the trade so that you will not end up paying more than when you ...

15). Leasing software and fleet management converge to create synergies  By : Alex Snyder
After extensive research, Fleet management consultants Odessa Technologies, Inc. recently identified key trends shaping the fleet management industry. Among these key trends, in addition to real-time exchange of information, users can expect to see greater functionality derived from (1) the integration of leasing software and fleet management syste...


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