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1). Are You A Perfectionist?  By : Max Ng
What are the disadvantages of being a perfectionist at the wrong time? How to strike a balance?

2). Are You Sabotaging Your Happiness?  By : Devakinanda Pasupuleti
A simple, fun filled quiz to find level of contentment with life.

3). How To Achieve, Reach Your Goals and Create Success For Yourself  By : Arun Pal Singh
Each us has a desire to achieve and succeed. But when it comes to reaching the pinnacle of success, it can be difficult to know where to turn for advice.

4). The Power Of Focus Creates Huge Success  By : Saleem Rana
Success is not possible without a high degree of focus

5). Tips to Manage Your Time  By : Mitch Johnson
We can decide what kind of live we want to live in. We can choose to stay at home and do nothing but we wont get many things as the result, or we want to live in a busy lives which driving us nuts.

6). Distance Learning : What Are The Benefits of Distance Learning  By : Rose Mary
Distance learning provides an alternative for people to pursue their education without having to attend classes on campuses. Distance learning has many advantages. Find out more in this article.

7). Distance Learning : Essential Tips on How To Succeed In Distance Learning  By : Rose Mary
More people nowadays are choosing distance learning to further their education. Although many people managed to enroll in the course they want, some of them failed to succeed in their study. Find out how to succeed in distant learning in this article.

8). Charisma - Can We Actually Define It  By : Arun Pal Singh
Charisma refers to a rare trait found in certain human personalities usually including extreme charm and a magnetic quality of personality and/or appearance along with innate and powerfully sophisticated personal communicability and persuasiveness.

9). FEAR is nothing to be afraid of  By : Saleem Rana
Fear is a false estimate of reality and using some basic methods we can clear it from our minds.

10). Hypnosis Is A Real Viable Option  By : Richard MacKenzie
One thing that I really like to do here in my Oxfordshire hypnotherapy clinic is teach my clients the art of Self Hypnosis. This is so that they will be able to go away without a CD or a book and actually be able to practice Hypnosis wherever they may be.

11). You Literally Have to Commit to Change to Manage Anger  By : Abbas Abedi
Learn about the first steps to overcomming anger.

12). How To Eliminate The Fears To Achieve The Success  By : Arun Pal Singh
Every one of us wants to succeed. But we have few people whom we can call really successful in a big way. Rest of us fall in different places of spectrum between failure and success. Why it is so?

13). How To Use Self Encouragement To Increase Motivation  By : Andrew McCombe
Establishing a system for encouragement will help you build life long motivation.

14). Activate Your Life  By : Andrew McCombe
Experience EASE in your Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career and Business in 90 days or less.

15). Fear of Flying? Just Relax It Away  By : Richard MacKenzie
The advancements in science and industry in that last 100 years have left us humans somewhat baffled. You will often hear it said that in the last century, we as human beings have made more accomplishments than at any other time in recorded history.

16). The phases of Memory  By : Jeff Casmer
Memory is the retention of information over a period of time through storage, encoding, and retrieval. For something to be considered memory, you have to take it in, store it, and then retrieve it for use in the future.

17). Personality and what’s the Real You?  By : Jeff Casmer
Personality like many things in life is sort of concrete and can be difficult to define at times. The basic definition is the relatively stable characteristics that are enduring and distinctive which means it separates people from the crowd.

18). Roles We Play and What We Believe Which Makes Us Play Them  By : Robert Elias Najemy
Here we supply you with a short list of roles or personas and their core beliefs. We have grouped the personas under various names. Perhaps, in some cases, only one or two of the names might be applicable.

19). Self-Confidence Building: 6 Quick Ways You Can Start Feeling Better About Yourself, Starting Now  By : Jamie Jefferson
When your self-confidence soars, everything benefits – your body, your relationships, possibly even your pocketbook. Here are six simple things you can do today to build your self-confidence.

20). Healing Childhood Experiences - part 2  By : Robert Elias Najemy
As children we tend to make many false conclusions about reality, usually burdening ourselves with the responsibility for everything including our parents’ anger, absence, abandonment, unhappiness, illness, separation, death etc.

21). Healing Childhood Experiences - part 3  By : Robert Elias Najemy
As a child, I heard that my most significant faults were.

22). Healing Childhood Experiences - part 4  By : Robert Elias Najemy
Programming our minds with positive affirmations is useful and important but it does necessarily remove what is previously recorded.

23). Healing Childhood Experiences - part 6  By : Robert Elias Najemy
EFT works better on emotions which we can feel, thus in each of cases you choose to work with, it will be more effective to work with the emotion created by that event, situation or belief brings.

24). Life is About Choices and the Decisions We Make  By : Janette Marie Freeman
Life is like a road. There are long and short roads; smooth and rocky roads; crooked and straight paths. In our life many roads would come our way as we journey through life. There are roads that lead to a life of single blessedness, marriage, and religious vocation.

25). Become Successful In Body, Mind, Spirit, and Skill By Using Personal Development  By : Timothy Rea
A Personal Development Program addresses every aspect of your life and enriches and nurtures your relationships, your career and your lifestyle. Find out if this is something that might help YOU!

26). Twenty Surefire and Easy Ways to Positively Transform Your Life Through Repetition  By : Janette Marie Freeman
By hooking up positive repetitive practices with already established practices, it makes it easy to build new supportive habits. The following are great easy ways to transform your attitude and your life!

27). Can Vitamin B Help You Have More Vivid, Intense Lucid Dreams?  By : Evelyn Grazini
Many people have been experimenting with Vitamin B to help them remember their dreams and increase their chances of being aware that they are dreaming. This offers an opportunity to get into the dream and have some unheard of fun! It’s called Lucid Dreaming – but does Vitamin B really help? And how much should you take for maximum enjoyment without harm?

28). The Results of Fear - Overcoming Fear - Part 2  By : Robert Elias Najemy
Fear and insecurity are synonymous. When we feel insecure, we naturally become concerned and spend great portions of time, energy, thought and money toward establishing external security.

29). Facing our Fears - Overcoming Fear – Part 4  By : Robert Elias Najemy
As human beings in the process of evolution, it is imperative that we overcome the bondage of fear so we may experience the security, peace, love, courage, faith, wisdom, understanding and fulfillment which we desire, deserve and which is our destiny.

30). Fear - Faith – Wisdom - Love - Overcoming Fear Part – 7  By : Robert Elias Najemy
Faith in God can be a great help in confronting any danger, real or imaginary. When we believe in a benign Divine Being whose presence and power permeates the universe, we feel protected.

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