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1). What Does It Really Mean To Be A U.S. Citizen?  By : David Maillie
It supposedly means we have great rights and priviledges, but in actuality, these rights are bipartisan with the rich and wealthy having one set of rights and the poor another. America is not a true democracy, but actually closer to Russia and socialism. This is an article you need to read.

2). Mr. Bin Laden: Tear this Wall Down  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
You have wasted your money, and time, on a message of hate. It is easy to incite young people with the message of intolerance and violence. What a shame, when you think of all the people you could have helped

3). Katie Collman: Another Victim of the War on Drugs  By : Paul Zimmerman
Katie Collman, a ten year old Crothersville, IN girl was murdered because she allegedly witnessed drug activity (

4). Morgan, Lafitte and Merovingians  By : Robert Bruce Baird
The following missive starts to show a little of what I suspected and when I receive the documents my book on these people will have many other avenu

5). 7 Ways to Avoid Charity Fraud  By : Michelle Annese
Hurricane Katrina hit and now charities are asking for your help, primarily in monetary form. Here are seven ways to keep from harm against a c

6). Thirty-Thousand On A Toilet Seat?  By : The Indy Voice
When I first heard the news that the Bush administration was going to be closing military bases I was initially gleeful. The prospects of disillusione

7). Chile Completes Its Transition To Democracy  By : Brian McAfee
Brian McAfee2838 Mason BlvdMuskegon Heights MI 49444 brimac6@hotmail.comChile Completes Its Transition To Democracy by Brian M

8). KVB: Whoever Wins, We Lose  By : Gary Whittaker
While the rest of the world watches, Americans will be voting on November 2 to either re-elect George Bush, or John Kerry. You can be sure that as cit

9). Are Black Republicans Selfish?  By : Angela Winters
I recently read an article at Black America Web, one of my favorite news sources, and was taken back by the opinion of one of the writers. In a nutshe

10). Voters are to Blame for Bad Politics  By : Terry Mitchell
When I was growing up, I actually considered a career in politics. I quickly changed my mind, though, when I discovered that there was way too much po

11). Moral hypocrisy of god-fearing politicians exposed  By : George Matafonov
Around the globe, savvy politicians are starting to wear religion on their sleeves. In the last US election, the two leading contenders for the presi

12). Polarize This!  By : Ed Howes
Surely the theme for the recent U.S. elections was polarization versus unity. According to Scripture, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways

13). Love Prisons (from Prison Series)  By : Ed Howes
The American criminal justice system is not appropriately named because it meets justice to criminals. It is appropriately named because the justice

14). The Malice Of Corporate America  By : Jarba
If you are one of most Americans who own stocks or corporate bonds, thanks to retirement plans, mutual funds and such, you are owning a piece of "

15). PATRIOTIC ARMAGEDDON...Can You Hear Me Now?  By : Doug Krieger
by Doug KriegerEach day the present geo-political reality confirms what The Tribulation Network has been saying for the past two years! All

16). Kyrgyzstan’s Revolution : a New Definition of “Partytime”?  By : Angelique van Engelen
Kyrgyzstan’s swift and sudden revolution happened almost before one could have managed to pronounce this obscure country’s name. The chaos in the

17). end of the world prophecies  By : Vijay Kumar
It's the End of the World as we know it...When did you think the world population would annihilate itself... i.e. bring about the End of the

18). The 25 Fallacies of President Bush's State of the Union Addr  By : ARTHUR ZULU
On 20 January 2004, George Bush Jr. the President of the United States gave his last (?) State of the Union Address. In this article, I will p

19). Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander  By : Kathryn A. Graham
If you believe passionately in political correctness and cannot bear to see it used as a weapon in a war against the idiots who originated the whole p

20). Apologize for what?  By : Terry Dashner
Apologize for What…Terry Dashner………………………Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013Why should we apologize for being A

21). Yawn  By : Sana
About 2.2 million sq km (0.85 million sq mi) in size, Saudi Arabia is mostly desert. It's bordered to the south-east by Oman, Yemen and the United Ara

22). US Government Recognizes 'They Slew The Dreamer'  By : Gary Revel
A friend just brought it to the attention of Gary Revel today that the United States Government has indeed recognized his conclusion of a conspiracy

23). Fitness Workout - Exercising the Present Moment!  By : Michaela Scherr
Living in the past or the future takes away t

24). The Anti-Inflammation Zone  By : Karen Johnson
Contact Information Contact: Karen Johnson 503-244-5972 THE ANTI

25). Facts About Tsunamis  By : Gina Marie Capatar
We have all been recently under immense shock on what has happened in some of the regions of Asia last December 26, 2004, just a day after a joyous

26). Fascism - The Tensile Permanence  By : Sam Vaknin
Nazism - and, by extension, fascism (though the two are by no means identical) - amounted to permanent revolutionary civil wars. Fascist movements wer

27). Vacation, Uninterrupted  By : AmeriPundit
A five week vacation. A recent survey by the travel site shows that's a lot of vacation time. The survey shows that most Americans get abo

28). Professional Writers Learn To Manage Their Emotions  By : Bonnie Boots
Summary: Learning to survive in the marketplace requires some fancy emotional footwork. Read these tips for raising your writer's emotional I.Q.

29). Obit.  By : The Indy Voice
A popular political party that rose to tremendous power in the 20th century, the Republican party redefined the nation's political agenda and dramatic

30). What You Should Know About Medicare  By : LB Sedlacek
Medicare is the Federal health insurance program that is available to older people and to many of those with disabilities. Generally, a person is

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