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1). The Importance Of Prayer And Meditation With God  By : David Maillie
Regardless of our choice of religion, prayer is by far one of Gods greatest gifts to us. Prayer has been proven to increase ones health, reduce stress, ward off depression, etc.

2). Bible Stories For Children Dissected, The Crossing Of The Red Sea  By : David Maillie
We can learn a lot from the bible and childrens stories. The infamous story of the Parting of the Red Sea has a lot of meaning and shows us that with God we can change our future. This has never been more important than now with the current escalation of problems in the Middle East.

3). Kindness Is A Strategy For A Happy Life  By : Saleem Rana
It means much to be happy, but unless we are kind first, we will seldom get there.

4). You Have A Diamond In Your Pocket  By : Saleem Rana
There is real beauty in the place where you seldom look. Find that beauty and it will transform your life.

5). Three Deadly Mistakes That Consistently Wreck Your Life  By : Saleem Rana
Here are the three deadly errors associated with a metaphysical principle that governs all life, spiritual or mundane, animal or plant, animate or inanimate.

6). Do Yoda Proud: Meditation 101  By : Janette Marie Freeman
Meditation refers to a state where your body and mind are consciously relaxed and focused. Practitioners of this art report increased awareness, focus, and concentration, as well as a more positive outlook in life.

7). What is Enlightenment?  By : Saleem Rana
Enlightenment is the pure experience of being yourself; a self that transcends any limitation of mind and body, emotion and circumstance; a transcendent self.

8). How we can Develop our Spiritual Qualities  By : Robert Elias Najemy
When we refer to developing virtues what we really mean is that we are going to remove all obstacles to experiencing our innate spiritual nature.

9). The Hierarchy of Needs  By : Robert Elias Najemy
Why do we do what we do? The answer is always that some need is compelling us to do so. We are slaves of our needs. We do whatever our needs command us to do.

10). A Brief Introduction to Christianity  By : Barney Garcia
Although Christianity can be recognized as one of the most common religions around the world, many people are virtually unaware of what Christianity really is. The following article is intended as an introduction to Christianity for non-Christians. It is a brief overview of the major beliefs that are involved in Christianity.

11). Energy Enhancement The Alhambra And The Alchemical Trinity Meditation the Antahkarana  By : Swami Satchidanand
Energy Enhancement The Alhambra And The Alchemical Trinity Meditation the Antahkarana, and Connection with the Higher Self - putting everything in its proper Place. Many Sufi mystics came from organisations with names like the builders or the lock makers (Naqshbandhi).

12). Can People Really Change? The Kabbalah of Transformation  By : Shifra Hendrie
People can change, but they rarely do - much. That’s because creating ‘something from something’ – trying out a new way of being based on the limitations of our past - doesn’t really work. The secret to change and transformation is to create something from nothing, like the Creator does. Authentic Kabbalah tells us how.

13). The Purpose of Creation: The Kabbalah of Transformation  By : Shifra Hendrie
Do you ever wish you understood the purpose of Creation? Would you like to know why life sometimes seems so hard? Do you want to know how to use life’s inevitable challenges and obstacles as a springboard for your personal transformation and a truly powerful and meaningful life? Authentic Kabbalah holds the answers to many of life’s “unanswerable” questions. Through understanding this profound wisdom you can learn how to align yourself with the core spiritual principles Creation and your unique purpose.

14). The Kabbalah of Rosh Hashana: From Tears to Transformation  By : Shifra Hendrie
Rosh Hashana is much more than just the Jewish new year. It is the time of rebirth and transformation for the entire world. Your choices can make all the difference, regardless of who you are.

15). The Kabbalah of Yom Kippur: Rising Above Time  By : Shifra Hendrie
The light of Yom Kippur helps us to more than atone for the past. It helps us transform the past and create a powerful new future.

16). An Open Letter to Your Soul  By : Saleem Rana
Our world is falling apart. Yet your soul has an answer, a way of making your contribution to all of life. If you are still, and silent long enough, you will discover something buried in your heart that needs to be expressed into actuality.

17). The Mystery of Tarot Cards  By : James Hunt
Since ancient times, many people have utilized the Tarot for divination, fortune telling, and metaphysical applications of all sorts. The practitioners of the mystical have used the Tarot as a metaphysical toolbox with various uses...

18). Understanding Your Heroic Journey  By : Saleem Rana
When we study mythology, we can use the wisdom of the ages, transmitted by different cultures in different times, to inform our own modern lives. Here is a quick review of the archetypal symbols behind the heroic journey.

19). The Menorah  By : Dorrie Ruplinger
The menorah is used during the eight day celebration of Hanukkah. The Hebrew word for menorah is Hanukiyah. Some people also call it a candelabra or candelabrum.

20). Energy Enhancement The Shiva Lingam Meditation And The Trinity the Antahkarana, and Connection  By : Swami Satchidanand
Energy Enhancement The Shiva Lingam Meditation And The Trinity the Antahkarana, and Connection with the Higher Self - putting everything in its proper Place. Energy is a glow. Energy is beauty. Energy is health. Energy is happiness. Energy is concentration and memory and your ability to respond. There are practical methods to access these Infinite Energies and Gain Energy!

21). The Energy Enhancement Meditation Symbol  By : Swami Satchidanand
At the Very Center of The Energy Enhancement Symbol is the Heart Chakra radiating Peace and Light outwards.. like the Sun...

22). What Of The Day?  By : Dana Smith
“Oh Prophet, what of the Day?” screams the headlines today. Paul wrote that in the latter days, which include us, “perilous times” shall be the theme of the day.

23). Am Unfinished Life  By : Sharon Marquart
When you die do you want to know you have lived a rich, full life?

24). Close All Unnecessary Doors  By : Sharon Marquart
Are you feeling overwhelmed with the the situations in your life? By learning to use this simple visualiation you can bring yourself back into balance and get focused. Sharon Marquart is a personal life coach and shares many thought provoking topics in the Living at Yes program.

25). Why Dreaming Is the Most Altruistic Thing  By : Saleem Rana
When we dream, we set into motion a whole sequence of causation that not only ennobles our own life, but that of other people as well. In fact, not to dream, not to act to fulfill it, and not to be true to yourself, is probably an act of selfishness.

26). Spirituality Ultimate Peace  By : Ivar Rudi
Spirituality is a part of every living human on this planet whether or not you believe in a higher power or a higher purpose. One thing well have is the power to believe in different forms of spirituality which allows us to be free with in our own person.

27). Energy Enhancement Initiation 4 The Macrocosmic Orbit And The Antahkarana  By : Swami Satchidanand
The Antahkarana is a psychic body which is you or rather your greater self yet you are inhabiting only a small part of yourself. You are inhabiting only the seven chakras whereas the Antahkarana stretches from the chakra in the center of the earth, through you and up through your crown chakra through all the chakras above your head, to God.

28). Embracing G-d  By : Shifra Hendrie
In this physical world we often feel that our possessions - our status, our jobs, our homes – are what provide us with the security we so crave. But that is an illusion. Part of our mission in these unique times is to recognize the truth – that all security comes from G-d, and that the physical world is simply a manifestation of its spiritual source. The power of the Sukkah helps to accomplish this transformation.

29). Energy Enhancement, The Macrocosmic Orbit, The Antahkarana, + Emerald Tablet Of Hermes Trismegistus  By : Swami Satchidanand
Through The Macrocosmic Orbit, The Antahkarana And The Emerald Tablet Of Hermes Trismegistus, Taught in Energy Enhancement Apprentice Level 1, Initiation 4 Learn How To Overcome The Shock And Fear Of The Death Process

30). The Magic of the Night Sky  By : Mike Moore
I love the night sky. There is something comforting, mysterious and hopeful about standing under a canopy of swirling stars...

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