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1). Finding G-d* in the Details  By : Shifra Hendrie
Are you upset when you run into obstacles on the way to your goal? Don’t be! Kabbalah explains that growth and success are not meant to occur in a smooth linear path, but in a 3-fold process of light-darkness-light. In working with the nitty-gritty details and obstacles along the way to fulfilling a vision that you reveal G-d and your own Divine power in every aspect of your personal life.

2). Jews and Darfur: An Open Letter to the Jewish Community  By : Warren Graham
The Jewish Community has a particular moral obligation to stand up in protest against the outrages being perpetrated in Darfur, or to stop complaining about past and present world indifference to Jewish suffering.

3). The Secret of the Void  By : Shifra Hendrie
There is another, far deeper plane of reality right here with us, another dimension to our lives and ourselves, but we usually don’t sense it for what it is. Instead, we sense it as ‘something missing’, a void. The void can cause us to eat too much, drink too much, strive too much – or it can lead us toward the essence of who we really are and an intensely fulfilling and meaningful life.


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