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1). The You of You  By : Saleem Rana
Who you are is more magnificent than who you think you are.

2). Why Do People Visit Gravesites?  By : Olga Moe
We understand finally, that we don’t go anywhere because we are already here. Time won’t change things, because time is linear and we have been released from the constraints of linear time. We simply are right now and we are forever. This simple knowledge gives me peace.

3). An Overview Of Sacred Geometry  By : Gregg Hall
Sacred Geometry is the theory of dimensional evolution which assumes the universe is a living system kept together by the existence of a sacred geometry.

4). “I am seeking my Good therefore I am seeking my God.”  By : Janette Marie Freeman
Do you want a burdened, obstructed, and hampered life? Is there anything enlightened about living in a cramped mindset that seeks to hold you in limitation, fear and obligation? Just who decided that to be miserable is somehow holy and we must suffer along? Sounds like a bunch of bunk to me.

5). How to Leap Like a Frog, or How to Apply Spiritual Wisdom in Real Life  By : Kim Pearson
You can get practical help for real life issues from the “woo-woo” world of spirit. Take a shamanic journey into the spirit realm. This article shows Spirit telling a simple, almost childish tale that contains profound lessons and practical advice for a real world problem.

6). Don’t Be Taken In By a Horoscope  By : Charles Kassotis
Learn how to find and heed warnings about astrology scams that offer misleading information while demanding hefty payments.

7). Psychic - Concentrate So You Will Not Forget  By : Zach Keyer
Psychic - Concentrate So You Will Not Forget

8). The Art of Concentrating by Means of Practical Psychic Exercises (Part 4)  By : Zach Keyer
The Art of Concentrating by Means of Practical Psychic Exercises (Part 4)

9). Energy Enhancement Meditation and Shaktipat.  By : Swami Satchidanand
Meditation is the ultimate method of choice for over 5000 years, of all discerning Self Development Trainees. Energy Enhancement Meditation is the first of 28 ancient and effective meditation techniques to enable you to achieve… control of your mind, an enhanced IQ, control over all your negative emotions, anger, fear, depression on the path of the ultimate Samadhi and enlightenment itself.

10). Your Magnificent Self  By : Sharon Marquart
We all have a desire to live a fabulous life. Begin by taking steps to embrace your Magnificent Self.

11). The Art of Concentrating by Means of Practical Psychic Exercises (Part 3)  By : Zach Keyer
The Art of Concentrating by Means of Practical Psychic Exercises (Part 3)

12). Energy Enhancement And Secret Knowledge At Chartres  By : Swami Satchidanand
Here I am not referring to Freemasonry, but to the idea that there has been knowledge kept secret, spiritual knowledge, and in particular knowledge of the secrets of art and architecture.

13). Reiki Distance Healing Goes to Court  By : Anna Pizzoferrato
The power of Reiki can be used to positively influence the proceedings during any court of law event.

14). This Experience Called Life!  By : Sharon Marquart
Life is what happens between birth and death. We all have about 80 years to experience this journey called life. This is one of many articles and thought provoking topics explored by Sharon Marquart and the Living at YES program. Sign up for free teleclasses by Sharon at


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