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1). Make Money Online By Becoming A Ghostwriter  By : Joshua Spaulding
Anyone can make money online by being a freelance article writer. You do not have to know perfect English and the best part is, there are thousands of webmasters that are just too lazy to write their own articles.

2). Freelance Writing As A Home Business Career?  By : james lowe
Everyone should give freelance writing a try so you can know for sure if this field is for you or not

3). Facts about Designing Unique Internet Sales Letters (Part 2)  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
Your headline, and the following sub-headline, will make or break your web sales copy, but let’s take a closer look at the sub-headline’s purpose. It can differ, depending upon the writing approach you choose; the sub-headline might be a supporting statement, a claim, or a question. Below are some examples for you to analyze and develop your own ideas for Internet sales copy.

4). Specialty Copywriting: How to Select the Right Niche Market for You  By : Chris Marlow
Everyone knows about the tranditional business categories where copywriting work will be found, but when you think "out of the box," you can find hidden niches — or even create entirely new niches — where you might be the only copywriter!

5). Find Out Where The High-Paying Freelance Copywriting Jobs Are  By : Chris Marlow
If you’re a copywriter interested in earning a high income, read this article to find out which jobs pay the most and where to find them.

6). Headlines Secrets That DOUBLE Your Response  By : Chris Marlow
tested copywriting methods reveal some rules of thumb that can double, triple, or quadruple your response rates...sometimes increasing results by as much as 1,000 percent!

7). How to Stop Leaving Money on the Table and Get Paid Your Worth — Every Time!  By : Chris Marlow
The crucial steps in negotating your copywriting fee, including the establishment of your baseline. Also offers negotiating tips.

8). A Copywriting Lesson from Dr. Seuss  By : Neil Sagebiel
Looking for inspiration for your next marketing communication? Try the children’s bookshelf. Dr. Seuss has entertained young (and old) audiences for nearly 50 years with titles such as The Cat in the Hat, Hop on Pop and Green Eggs and Ham. The reason why his books remain so popular says something about...

9). Write Website Copy That Sells - Try a Little Flesh with Your Flash  By : The Rezon8or
Your website looks great: solid words, easy navigation, graphics just so, and maybe even a bit of flash with some multimedia. But customers are not buying. You wonder if it’s the writing. How can that be? You remembered the two key mantras for website content - “write for the search engines” and “write for the medium.” Yo...

10). Web site copywriter in the 21st century  By : Peter Finers
The process of keywords search is well-known. However large the company can be, whatever industry it operates in there are usually some persons at the company who can perform this task. However, once the keyword search has been performed one should start working these keywords phrases into the text of your web-site. The person who performs this tas...

11). 6 Reasons Why Case Studies Are A Terrific Market For Freelance Writers  By : Steve Slaunwhite
I remember the first time a client offered me a case study writing assignment. I was petrified. It was early in my freelance writing career and I didn’t even know what one looked like. I had a lot of questions. “What the heck is a case study?” “How long is it?” “What is the format?” “How much do I charge?” I ...

12). Lower Cost & Increase Conversion of Your AdWords Ads  By : Karon Thackston
Comparison shoppers are the mortal enemy of pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers. When you're paying each time someone clicks your AdWords (or other PPC) ad, the last thing you want is a person determined to visit every site to find the best price, the closest location or the most secure guarantee. But, with many categories of products or services, it's...

13). Pharmaceutical Copywriters are just what the doctor ordered- literally.  By : Anthony Hemsey DOLA
Pharmaceutical Copywriters are just what the doctor ordered- literally. So you are just getting out of college. You want to earn your living as a writer, and you decide on a career as an advertising copywriter. Naturally everyone wants to write the next great sneaker ad, or be the brainchild of the newest 20-year Vodka campaign, right...

14). 8 Strategies To Catapult Your Copywriting Skills To The Next Level  By : Stu McLaren
I am about to share with you 8 quick ideas and suggestions to dramatically help you improve your copywriting skills as you get going. You can use these tips when it comes to creating offers, E-mails and sales letters that grab people’s attention. So without further ado, here they are! Number one: Alway...

15). Value Added Copywriting  By : Ray L. Edwards
I know a preacher that can burn any pulpit down within an hour. His sermons cause the greatest stirs and responses in his audience and he really can keep his congregation awake. But there is one tiny problem. Ask many of his listeners what they think about his sermons and they’ll quickly respond with only words of acclamation. Follow that questions...

16). The Bible - The Source Of All Copywriting Secrets  By : Ray L. Edwards
I've been a student of the Bible for practically all my life. There is a lot of reason why this book remains the number one best-seller year after year. I think that it is the source of ALL wisdom, yes, including successful copywriting! What do I mean by this? Simply put, every copywriting strategy can be found FIRST in t...

17). Ad Copy Sparklers – 10 Ways to Spark Interest in Your Customers  By : Marie Gervacio
Add a little sparkle to your ad copy and increase your sales. Get started today with one or more of these tried and true techniques. 1.Hand Written Letter. Write your ad on a piece of paper scan it, optimize it, then publish the ad on your web page. Your sales will always increase when you add a personal touch. 2...

18). 22 Questions to Ask Before You Write a Single Word  By : Neil Sagebiel
To write successful copy, you need to know as much as you can. It goes beyond reading background materials, reviewing old marketing pieces and doing some cursory research on the Web. You need to get inside peoples’ heads. Start with your clients. They know their business and their customers better than you do. (If they don...

19). How to Make the Most of Your Website Copywriter  By : Glenn Murray
Many people feel uncertain when dealing with copywriters. Like any artform, writing is subjective; instead of black and white, most business owners and marketing managers see indistinguishable shades of grey. But copywriting possesses one key element that most other forms of art don’t – a commercial imperative. Because the copywriter’s...

20). Writing The Perfect Sales Letter  By : David Hennebery
Before you actually write the e-book we are going to write the sales letter first. Now I suggest you write it in Microsoft Word and save it. Then we can transfer it to the main “Sales site Page” when we are designing our basic site in step 5 The main reason we are writing our sales copy before we ever write a word in our e-Book is bec...

21). The most sacred secrets of copywriting services  By : Peter Finers
Successful copywriting is one of the most important elements of your advertising. It attracts attention of your potential customers and makes your message memorable and it might induce your clients to take some actions. Many research in psychology show that words may affect our vision, they may either change our depressed mood or uplift our spirit....

22). 8 Steps To Irresistible Email Copy Every Time  By : Uli Mewes
=> Step #1 - WHO DO YOU THINK YOU`RE TALKING TO? Before you sit down to write your email sales letter, you`ve got to determine exactly who your audience is. This is a master key to getting results from email marketing. Ask yourself these questions: - What do your prospects/customers want? - What frustrat...

23). Copy Makeovers Made Easy  By : RBoduch
Copy makeovers can work magic. Perhaps all you need is a little medicine... and not major surgery. Take whatever sales copy you have now and modify it. Recast, rework and repackage what you've got. Chances are you’re sitting on some solid (yet hidden) sales material. Often simple copy makeovers can work wonders in terms ...

24). The indispensable qualities of professional copywriter  By : Peter Finers
Whatever industry you operate in and whatever web site you have, it indispensable that the content on your web site is written easy-to read, appealing and attractive style. Your potential customers will visit your web site and judge both you and your company by the information presented on your web site. It might be enough to have appealing content...

25). Copywriting Makeover: Subtle Changes Make A Noticeable Difference Part 1 of 2  By : Karon Thackston
Changing a few words in your copy can lead to double-digit increases in conversions. If that sounds like a bunch of hype from an online infomercial, stick around and I'll show you how it's done. That's really all that happened with, an Australian ergonomic computer chair manufacturer. They had what would be considered a su...

26). Writing SEO Copy – 8 Steps to Success  By : Glenn Murray
We all know that the lion’s share of web traffic comes through the search engines. We also know that keywords and links to your site are the two things that affect your ranking in the search engines. Your keywords tell the search engines what you do, and the inbound links tell them how important you are. This combination is what determines your rel...

27). Internet Copywriting - Make Your Offer Irresistible!  By : George Dodge
Want to increase your online sales? Make sure your offer is one they can't pass up! Any offer you make through your Internet copywriting needs to be worth the readers' time. Time is valuable and there is no bigger waste of time - for you as the creator or for your reader - than a worthless offer. A number of years ago, a n...

28). Professional Advertising Copywriting Experts London UK  By : Kim Jones
Back from a nice week in Devon, doing nothing except walk on the moors and lazing about. Couple of calls to the office – “Anything good happening?” “Well, it’s good you aren’t here” – and that’s about it. Didn’t even bother to travel 30 miles to take up the offer of a free lunch at Cornwall’s most famous seafood restaurant though, as this was compe...

29). Pharmaceutical Copywriters are just what the doctor ordered  By : Anthony Hemsey
So you are just getting out of college. You want to earn your living as a writer, and you decide on a career as an advertising copywriter. Naturally everyone wants to write the next great sneaker ad, or be the brainchild of the newest 20-year Vodka campaign, right? Not so fast. While a career in “consumer” advertising has always been the benchmark ...

30). 10 Tips for Aspiring Freelance Copywriters  By : Glenn Murray
Every week I receive a couple of emails from people seeking advice on how to get into freelance copywriting. While there’s no simple answer, and no answer which applies to everyone, there are a few tips which I believe will help most people make the move into freelance copywriting, and survive the first few months at least. 1) Invest i...

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